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Blade-Runner-inspired car design.

I have been wanting to make a 3d scene that looks like it came from the movie Blade Runner for some time. I thought originally that creating scenes and objects in Blender would have been a lot more difficult than it has been, which I think is generally surprising. Perhaps it is because there has to be a solid foundation beforehand of study of design and composition that amounts to working faster and producing results in less time before really heading into 3d. Of course the thing is that it is a process that requires a lot of patience, and the willingness to “waste time” meaning that there has to be a process of trial and error in which some things are tested out but they don’t work out, creating the impression that time has been “wasted”.

I think that I am developing the skills that are necessary to create more hard surface models from my own making. I think that I will be able to create more complex shapes and scenes in time as I test out the different tools that Blender has to offer. I think that in this case my use of the proportional editing tool in Blender makes the creation of curvatures easier, as well as my discovery of using the smooth brush in the sculpting panel to even out the edges of the geometry.

For the moment I have been working mostly in making the general proportions for the car, and shaping the rear side. I have also been thinking about the way that the doors open, kind of like an exotic car, which of course makes the vehicle look more interesting. I think that there has to be good attention to detail with the curves and general shapes, to keep the car looking well proportioned. It is also important to think about the mechanisms that operate the doors for example, in case they need to be modeled. The parts that will not be visible for example can be removed from the thinking process, unless they are a visual elements of the design. Say for example if the engine was partially or completely visible, I would have to consider how it fits into the design, with the intention that it adds identity to the design and is well integrated.

I am still in the process of studying materials, so I will keep using references as basis for thinking how a particular material would look best on a specific surface. The idea I keep in mind for hard surface objects like cars and vehicles, is that there is a delicate balance of keeping the model looking machine-made, but avoiding to make it look “too perfect” with the geometry that I use.

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