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Onwards with the forest concept art scene.

With the intent of continuing to document the process of creation of this particular piece, I will be adding more renders as I am going through the process so it is clearer to see the sequence of creative events involved. I think overall that this is becoming an engaging piece of artwork because I seem to be better than I thought at recreating trees with a traditional polygon modeling technique. This technique basically is extruding and deforming a set of cylinders to create the desired shapes. Although it is somewhat a tedious process, I am enjoying it to a degree, because I am seeing more and more realism being added by creating more organic shapes.

The next picture is the latest render of the process of creation, setting an approximation to the sort of mood that I have in mind for the piece. The breakdown of the composition could be described as basically a set of light rays that are crossing over from right to left in the scene, with a thick layer of fog that creates a sense of darkness and mystery, a place that is kept hidden by the fog.

To move on with the process, the likely next steps for this scene will be adding the texture for the floor. After this, I will be adding rocks around to keep adding the realism that I wish to see in the final composition. The last part of texturing the ground will probably be adding some sort of grass leaves, maybe mushrooms or organic matter that completes the feeling of a realistic forest floor. Once the ambiance of the scene is completed in terms of natural elements, I am probably going to proceed into designing some sort of vehicle that is approaching into the spotlight.

Since there is a limited space of maneuverability in this fictional space, it is likely that the design of the vehicle is going to be compact in shape. Since this is going to be an added concept design for the scene, I am likely going to make a separate presentation of this land speeder so all its angles are visible. There’s obviously more work to do, but the process seems to be informative in itself as to the results that I may be able to find further on, maybe I’ll find some pleasant surprises along the way.

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