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Finishing up renders of jungle temple scene

I have been working recently on making a couple of shots of a jungle temple scene. The idea originated from my wish to recreate an image composition I made a few years ago before really knowing how to use any 3d software. I had been looking around my previously made compositions to choose one to recreate with now much better quality, including the techniques that I have been learning these past couple of years. The image below is the camera view of the shot I rendered but in the gray shaded object view.

Since I haven’t finished these shots yet, I think it is best to not reveal them yet with the rendered view.

I have tried to add as much detail as possible to the 3d scene to then make the photo texturing easier. It has been somewhat challenging because for this particular occasion I have added many sculptural pieces that I made using Zbrush, making the scene resource intensive. I have tried to keep the polygon count for each individual element to less than 100k, in part because I didn’t really think I would be needing a greater level of detail. As far as the subject matter goes, general idea around all the sculptural pieces has been to depict through the temple the existence of an ancient monster that may still be around. The temple entrance is a great mouth through which the character in the scene goes through.

Since I have been experimenting a bit with mixing the high-tech and the ancient, I wanted this time for the first composition to keep the element of the technological with the parked speeder on the side. The second image below shows a zoomed out shot of the scene I have been working with.

It has been a layering process in a way, of first making the sculptural pieces in Zbrush and then exporting them individually to Blender to arrange them in the scene. The second part has been creating the trees that cover to some extent the walls on the sides and entrance of the temple. I took some care in making sure the trees look organic and that I am able to break down the characteristic cylinder-like look of the 3d geometry to start off with.

I am currently in the process of adding photo textures in photoshop to finish these two shots. Since most of the visual work has been done having the raw rendered shots, I have been working on adding the proper photo bits to finally add a more photorealistic touch, also incorporating some brushtrokes.

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