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Building the second shot of the series.

To make the second shot of the series happen, I need to first create a rough layout at least in my mind of what the exterior scene will look like. For now, the first element that I have incorporated are the series of pillars that will be holding the monorail track that runs along the right side of the scene. This is easy to complete because I am evidently copying and pasting one object and then creating an array of them as far as the eye can see into the receding background. Since the idea is that this spaceship has landed in some desolate, forgotten city, I will then remove some of the geometry and make sure the structure looks abandoned, rusty and in disuse. For some reason I am really drawn to the idea of exploring scenery that had once been populated by human beings, but are now abandoned and decaying.

The first image that I include is simply one of the pillars that are repeated as an array that support the monorail, with one of the foundations in edit mode in Blender to see the loops of the geometry that go along the object. I envisioned the idea of creating a repeating teardrop shape as part of the structure, to break up somewhat the right-angled look of the pillars supporting the teardrop shape.

The second image creates a better impression of what the final result might look like. I still haven’t fully decided what the actual final camera angle is going to be, but this can be read as more or less an approximation of what I am looking for. There is still a lot more to discover about the composition that I haven’t laid out, like the rocky terrain or the abandoned buildings that will compose the scene in the near future.

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