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Creating a final piece mixing 3d and photo bashing.

I put myself up for the challenge of making a final piece using a mixture of 3d and photo bashing techniques using Photoshop and Blender. I wasn’t sure how the final result would end up looking, but I was curious to see the extent of my abilities. I think in general I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was able to make a final composition with the abilities that I had built up to that point a few weeks ago. To make sure I had most of the compositional elements that I needed, I pushed the shot as much as I could in 3d before moving onto Photoshop for adding textures. In this case the atmospheric color is original from the 3d scene in Blender, as well as the spaceship standing in the foreground with the pearly color.

I went on the web to look for appropriate textures that had a very neutral illumination to them, with no direct lighting or high contrast. I think this for me is easy enough, because looking for textures is relatively easy if you know what you are looking for. In this case for the foreground terrain I was looking for a very even, dirty surface that would be suitable for the spacecraft to land. One I found this texture, I applied it to most of the foreground, and even repeated it horizontally, since it is easy to trick the eye into thinking there’s more variation in the scene than there really is. I painted digitally over the places that had very sharp edges, to smoothen out the repetition of the texture applied.

I was also focused in bringing a sense of atmospheric fog into the scene, all done in 2d using a simple soft brush that could soften edges and bring a more diffused appearance. I tried to create the effect of certain objects being farther away from others in this foggy scene, with for example the planet found in the background to be almost integrated in the distance. The buildings found in the background are all from Shanghai in real life, and even though I am pleased with this foggy ambiance, I think that there would probably be a better result using the Blender nodes available for creating fog. I am getting the impression that overusing 2d techniques for a composition that was originally created in 3d will have a higher probability of flattening the end result. I will still have to continue experimenting what this relationship is between when to use 3d and when to use 2d accordingly.

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