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Dallas Buyers Club study

I chose this scene to study mainly because of the expression that actor Matthew McConaughey is conveying to the audience. I think it is a powerful scene that describes the ongoing struggle that the character is going through with his battle through HIV in the film. It is the look of a face that describes a sense of tiredness and right after the sudden emotional release of the tension that is building within him. He doesn’t give himself the time to acknowledge the emotions that have been building up within, and so the end result is that we see him crying inside his car for the first time. He allows himself to be vulnerable at this point in time because nobody sees him.

This study is the first of two I am intending to reproduce that show the range of expression that the actor is able to produce. For this first study, the general impression is that of a character that is worn, has a very defeated look to himself. Perhaps this is a moment in the movie when we gain insight into his process of realizing his inevitable eventual death due to his disease, dividing the film into the before and after of this moment that breaks the storyline.

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