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Finishing up a concept Harley-inspired Bobber motorcycle

I have been creating a sequence for some weeks now of a very Japanese urbanscape with a female character emerging from a concept car I that I designed previously. Now for the current third shot I am including the design of a concept motorcycle that this female character is going to steal from the interior of a warehouse. I still have to reveal the composition of this third shot in the sequence, but the two focal points in the scene are going to be the motorcycle in the background and the character in the foreground. I am currently in the finishing stages of the process, with little room for modification at this point. I thought that the design was going to be going more like a hybrid between two seeming opposites, like the exhaust of an Italian MV Agusta, and an American beefy motorcycle like the Harley Davidson V-Rod.

I initially started playing with the exhaust design, but soon noticed that it was going to be difficult to manage with so many exhaust tips, like that of an MV Brutale. The initial iterations of this bike were basically playing with the most basic shapes, like cubes, and then progressively refining the shapes until I found something that was aesthetically pleasing. Since this was the first time that I had modeled a motorcycle in 3D, I surprisingly came across the issue of finding the right proportion for the shapes. I thought that it was going to be a comparable experience to designing the concept car that I had previously done, but found myself instead struggling for a few hours in finding the right proportions. It is noticeable for example in the following image that the proportion of the wheels relative to the chasis of the motorcycle are too large.

I am currently moving into the final missing details of the design, like the speed dial and the front wheel axis. I am still constantly debating myself mentally on just how much details to add to the design, because some details like the bolts and rivets do add a sense of realism that would be non-existent without them. Since this motorcycle is going to be in the background of the scene, I am trying to estimate which details are going to be visible from a longer distance, and which would not. This consideration I think will save me time in the future, spending more time in adding details to the visual elements that are actually closer to the camera. I think that for these third and fourth shots that I am thinking about, I will pay closer attention to the interaction of the character with the items placed around the scene.

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