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Working on new a new misty forest concept art scene

I am currently working on developing a scene that depicts the arrival of a futuristic concept design vehicle, in such a way that both elements of the natural and hi-tech are mixed in together. For some reason, now that I have been exploring how to create sci-fi elements in my compositions, I’ve been trying to also explore the natural elements through 3d software. In this case I think I am working rather loosely in first finding the main compositional elements of the layout. Since the trees are obviously an important part of the scene, I am working on setting their orientation in general terms. This shaping should also help to guide the attention of the viewer, by using e.g. branches that point in the direction of the important action happening in the scene.

Once knowing that the orientation of the trees has been defined, as well as the shaping of the terrain in rough terms, I have started to add the bark textures for the trees individually. I am making sure that the mapping of the textures is correct, because if not, the realism of the scene is significantly reduced. This is going to continue to be a hard exercise for me because simulating nature with a 3d software is challenging, since the medium used is a set of editable polygons, that from the start have perfectly straight edges in them. Because nature is filled with shapes that are irregular, it seems to be a slight fight in going the opposite direction of breaking those polygons down to look less and less polygonal and more and more like objects you would simply find lying around in nature.

Moving on with this little project is going to be interesting, in finding new ways to make the scene look less and less computer generated, which I think remains a challenge despite the process being assisted by the computer. All the little technical elements have to work together to be able to produce a good result that looks believable. As I am progressing with the development of the scene, I am probably going to be looking to add elements like leaves, grass growing from the floor, etc. All these little nuances are in the end what makes or breaks the image.

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