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First scene rendering with volumetric lighting.

I have been wishing for a bit to make a scene with volumetric lighting coloring the scene. By “volumetric” I mean that the light coming into the scene appears to have volume because there are tiny particles suspended in the air that bounce off light in different directions, creating a scattering effect. This makes the light appear as if it has a noticeable trail that it is leaving behind.

It took me a few hours of playing around in Blender with different settings to achieve my desired look. It turns out for instance that it is not possible to place these suspended particles as volume scatter with sunlight affecting it. Apparently setting up direct sunlight in the scene uses a different set of parameters not meant really to interact with air-suspended particles. To achieve the dramatic lighting I set up a spotlight from the outside, pointing at an angle through the window, illuminating the interior space in a more dynamic way. Even though the scene looks a little dark, I think it created a moody atmosphere in which the viewer is unsure if the place is inhabited, or has been abandoned for some time.

I am trying to create images that engage the viewer into wondering what is happening in the scene, and to become curious about the context of the objects that are visible. In this case I think that the lighting is probably suited for the type of environment because it creates a subtle dark ambience that drives a little storytelling about the scene.

I still have not managed at this point to add all materials in the scene so the shot finally looks realistic, although I am in the process of learning how to make all textures fit so they do not look elongated or distorted. It is easy enough to work with the node system that blender offers, but I will still have to look into unwrapping these textures in 2d to make them look more uniform.

At this point in time I am intending to migrate my portfolio style from more 2d concept art into the 3d sphere. I am able at this point in time to create final pieces using photo textures and photo bashing techniques, although my intention is to make as much as possible in 3d so I am only left with some details to resolve when the render is mostly finished. It will be interesting to be able to make more finalized pieces with mostly 3d tools, but for now the image shown is one of my latest results.

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