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First scene with a character and experiments with the composition.

For this little exercise, I went on the task of making a simple composition with a character in it that would make it more engaging. I think adding textured characters is a definite step up from other 3d pieces I’ve made because it makes the ambience more approachable and human like. To get this character I went on to download a plugin from MB-Lab, ( website address which contains a gallery of premade and texturized human characters that can be easily added and posed in the scene. I think for the moment this is the best option because it is free, and it is easy to install in Blender. I think one of the plus sides of this plugin for characters is that it uses research to back up the models generated from different human phenotypes, making the possibility of creating more realistic looking human figures.

I think that the textures that are added when creating models from MB-Lab are well thought through with mapping of for example freckles and veins added to the body to add layers of realism. I think one of the main challenges in creating human skin is in reducing the very plastic-looking quality that is the default state, because the mesh surface is very even by nature. I will still be testing out other variations in the shading tab in Blender to see how I can add more realism to the premade models I further create.

Another positive element about this plugin is that it is possible to pose the model differently with the premade skeleton that is rigged to the mesh of the character. When the skeleton is selected and the “pose mode” is activated, the joints can be moved to pretty much any position required, by of course keeping in mind not to overextend the joints so the mesh breaks or the joints look like they are in an unnatural position. For the first tests, I was only trying to get used to the pose mode for the character in Blender, seeing how to bend the character’s joints to create an engaging pose for the viewer to see.

The theme in mind for this scene is a “warehouse” with at least a character added to it. I still have the rest of the compositional elements of the scene to figure out, but the basic idea in mind was to have a female character in the foreground hiding from view, seeing through the stacks in the warehouse into the mid-ground for something to retrieve. I was thinking this object in sight could be a small, light vehicle like a motorcycle that would not break with the general proportions of the scene. I will develop the scene and show it in a further post with some more detailed description.

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