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Interior scene sketch for a temple.

I am currently working on developing a composition for an interior scene of a temple. The color palette that I have chosen is a set of greens and grays, having in mind the colors one would find in a natural landscape that is dense with vegetation. The image that I have included is a process image in which I am transitioning from the beginning stages of sketching, by slowly adding more detail into the scene. The right side for example is starting to get filled with some patterning for the columns so they don’t look as bare as the initially did. For the relief sculptures that subtly emerge from the flat faces of the columns I was thinking mostly about mayan glyphs which tend to have very square shapes.

The left side of the composition contains a set of columns that follow each other in alignment, and I shall keep the left columns decorated in the same way that I did for the right side. I still have some work to do with the way that light is falling on a set of columns, as well as the center of the scene. I think that these rays of light help to indicate the scale of the composition, and bring a little more interest to the viewer. It could still be a little cliché in a sense the idea of some “holy light” descending from the roof, but it is easily effective in pointing to where to find the important elements of a composition.

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