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Mars Landing Painting

For this painting I was interested in creating a piece as a follow up of a first painting I made of the same spaceship shown, but with a different background. I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could repaint the spaceship but with a slightly different position, illuminated with different lighting. This without using the lighting photo tools that photoshop has, to see how far I could go with my painting abilities.

The reference image I used mostly is from Bladerunner 2049, with a similar color palette. The buildings in the reference image also fade into a thick dust cloud in the background, although that image is supposed to be Earth in a dystopian future. In this case I was thinking more of a Martian colony that has been abandoned, so what we see here are the remains of the colony, as these astronauts arrive to find out what has happened to this place. The rover to the left is inspired by those that Nasa has already sent to the red planet to uncover as many findings about the planet’s nature as possible.

Another rover is seen in the distance, returning to the foreground scene, perhaps having some information to give the others about the state of affairs in this world. The general composition of the scene gives the impression that this is the return of humans to a colony that has been forgotten or lost. With Elon Musk frequently stating his strong desire to send humans to Mars, I am probably not the only one thinking if something like this could happen to us in the future. Some kind of situation in which our noble intentions take us down a rabbit hole from which we are never able to resurface from. Could our first attempts at colonization in Mars come at the expense of loss of human life? How far are we willing to go to become an interplanetary species?

These are questions that we may have asked ourselves before, but they are still interesting nonetheless, because with the possibilities given by new technologies we are confronted with new scenarios that we have not envisioned before.

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