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Modeling a Pagani-inspired interior

I started out modeling a hypercar that turning out to be a mix between a Pagani and a batmobile. I was initially drawn to the curves of the bat-mobile from the Batman movies from the 80’s with very smooth shapes, and little wings added to the designs, resembling a bat. I started making out some sketches at first to define the general shapes of the design, following this idea of very smooth lines from the bat-mobile designs for this concept car.

For now though I am showing the interior that I am modeling of the car, with what I hope are mostly recognizable design items attached to the dashboard. I used as main reference for the design an image of a Pagani Huayra’s interior, which I think is wild on its own regard. I took some of the same shapes and rethought about them with this new concept in mind, perhaps exaggerating some things, and making other shapes more subtle.

Of course this interior contains elements that are recognizable in a supercar, like the paddle shifters, the flat base steering wheel, and more stylized switches that add more subtle differentiation to the design. It has been generally challenging to put together all the elements, considering this is my first time actually modeling an interior from reference. The only other time I have done this the result was generally satisfactory I think, but that was before I had taken a class about Blender to know more about the tools that I could be using. I guess you never know until you know is the thing.

Generally speaking I am quite satisfied to find that I am able to put all these shapes together into something comprehensive and understandable, that is “easy to read” visually. I am excited to see what other results I can come up with in the future that further challenge my skills and spatial awareness.

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