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Modeling an engine & suspension for a concept car

I have been adding more detail to the model of the engine by adding components to create a more believable look with the sort of shapes that one could find when opening a concept car. The concept for the engine that I have had in mind is creating a fusion between a turbine engine that projects visibly towards the back, alongside two sets of cylinder blocks contained inside a conventional gas car. The reference images that I looked at were informative in figuring out first the general shapes, then moving into the intricacies. I think that the result so far is appealing, to be considering finishing off the look by adding textures and materials that look realistic, bringing the model more to life through the renderings.

To make sure that the engine could fit inside the hood of the car, I had to close the door by rotating it on its axis. When the door was closed I made the model see-through, to see how much space I had to work with to add more shapes like cylinders to the design. Since the car body contains very slanted curves, I have had a limited amount of space to work with. In any case, had the polygons from the mesh gone awkwardly through the hood, they would have been visible from the outside, protruding like bumps.

I like seeing this render of the engine and suspension separated from the car body. It has been a challenge for me to apply the skills that I have been learning in Blender and seeing how they translate applicably to a project. It seems like having a general understanding of the fundamentals and imagining their application in different situations is the way to go forward. I think that in terms of detail, I might add bolts and rivets just for the final presentation aspect of the images, which always helps to increase the aesthetic appeal of the model.

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