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Modeling the engine and suspension of the concept car

This has been an interesting task for me in discovering how to model a concept engine and suspension, because it is the first time that I have really done it. For the engine I thought about creating a hybrid between a Rolls-Royce turbine engine and supercar engine that would bring the most recognizable elements of each into the shape language of the design. For instance, the cylinder-shaped turbine that is projecting towards the back of the car is based from reference of seeing existing turbine engine, as well as fantasy ones.

Then the two blocks on either side are supposed to be cylinder blocks that you would find in a car, but obviously deconstructed and made into something that doesn’t really exist in our world. I have been trying to capture what a fusion between a turbine and car engine could look like, given the proportions and curves of the car. Some shapes still need to be worked with of course, like the cylinder that is crossing the mesh of the car body, making everything fit nicely and contained within the car.

For the suspension of the car, I have seen reference images of supercars like the Pagani Huayra, that has its suspension exposed. Other examples as well, like that of the Audi R8, with its suspension that has a different configuration, and is not easily accessible or visible. For this example that I am making, I first had to look for how to create the coils, and then once made, started to play with the possibilities available. The resulting configuration I decided to make has one main spring that absorbs the most impact from the road, and two secondary ones that work together to add more fine tuning to its hardness. I think that this is a good option for the concept because everything still fits within the design and looks realistic.

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