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More details added to the scene before finalizing

The following render is more or less the look of the final composition, with all the important compositional elements in place. I think that this is probably going to be my favorite concept art piece that I have made so far, since I think it reflects my increased understanding of the capabilities that Blender has to offer. I think that also taking a break without instruction of any sort has allowed me to experiment for a bit and develop my understanding of the software, as well as to get a clearer picture of what I can actually create, and more or less have a grasp of the limitations of Blender and perhaps myself at this time.

I like this piece in particular because I think it reflects the kind of aesthetic that I want to dive into, with a kind of somber look, that mixes elements of futurism into the composition. The fact that all the composition has been done in 3d, without any photo bashing enhances the perception of depth that I think is lost in some other compositions I have seen with other artists online. Creating the scene completely in 3D is a massive aid in creating a realistic sense of depth that the human mind recognizes instantly. I guess the reason we are highly drawn as human beings to realism is because these types of visual relationships of light and form are part of our everyday life. It still intrigues me why we are so particularly drawn to realism though.

The next steps I have taken, yet not shown in the previous image here, are filling in the signs with Japanese text advertising various things without using any logos. I think personally that Japanese and Chinese calligraphy are very interesting visually, with very different strokes to what we are used to seeing in our western side of the world. I think I am trying to mimic the Bladerunner aesthetic of mixing English language and Japanese in a futuristic world that has become more culturally integrated. I am still in the process of experimenting with the different lighting options I have for the lighted signs, since I am not currently the greatest fan of such uniform lighting. I think that probably creating some slight variations in the light sources will create an enhanced sense of realism. I am also thinking of creating an acrylic material for the banner ads, to break the uniformity of their lighting setup.

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