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Working on a Japanese style scene with a concept car

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

I decided soon after being done with my first concept car that I was going to create a scene surrounding it, with an appropriate mood to go along with it. Since I have found the Japanese urban aesthetic appealing, it was an easy decision for me to carry on into reproducing the visuals that would tag along with it.

I ran soon enough though into problems with Blender as it kept corrupting my files and messing up how objects worked. I came to the conclusion after reading some forums that apparently a few Mac users have reported that having two different versions of Blender on the same computer creates some sort of interference between the two, potentially corrupting files that are in use. I kept two versions of the Blender software because the newer one had a bug related to a character plug-in that could not finalize the process of creating the humanoid characters. I realized that there was a patch available for download that solved this bug for the MB-Lab plugin, so the need for two versions was removed.

Needless to say, that took some of my time in creating this Japanese night scene, but my goal was to create a cyberpunk aesthetic that would be eye catching, with very moody lighting using pink and blue lighting exclusively. The following image is the result so far of this process, with some materials having been added, and some others still missing, seen with a very uniform white color meaning they lack the addition of a material.

I think my intention in general is to create the least amount of materials needed for the scene, by focusing on a few and making sure that they look fairly realistic. The example that I could speak of at the moment is the asphalt material for the ground, with puddles that enhance the impression that the asphalt is wet. Also by adding a high degree of glossiness, this effect of wetness is further achieved. The result for the concrete buildings is not the best in retrospective, so I still have to play around with settings, perhaps to make the material be a little darker to improve this sense of realism. I think that as of now, the material is too reflective of the pink lighting.

One thing consider for instance is that the very saturated lighting is going to naturally distort the appearance of the scene, so I haven’t been looking specifically at the shader window preview, but more consistently at the render preview to see what the actual result might look like with the lighting settings. Also my graphics card is not the best, and using the shader preview to see what a material is going to look like makes my computer lag fairly heavily, so I am trying to avoid in general using that specific setting unless I really need to see how a material is going to be mapped out onto an object.

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